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Welcome to Blue Springs Trout Fishing I have been in operation for twelve years offering trophy trout fishing on three different sections of stream all on Cripple Creek in southwest Virginia.The stream sections are stock daily with trophy size trout from 2 to 10 pounds & larger.Offering all species of trout for your trophy trout fishing pleasure.No restrictions on type of bait or tackle you can fly or bait fish by appointment only.Offer lodging on one section with camping on all three sections.

Ted owner blue springs trout fishing

owner operator

I'm Ted the owner operator of Blue Springs Trout Fishing.I have been in the trout fishing business for twelve years.I have also operate two trout hatcheries for for twenty years.We offer trophy trout fishing & trout for sale.

James part owner of trout hatcheries
owner operator

I'm James part owner operator of the trout hatcheries here at blue springs trout fishing.We offer all species of trout for purchase.You can schedule a pickup or have the trout delivery to your property.Trout are sold by the pound.Call us for pricing available sizes & species.

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